Montessori Glossary Community Project


Refers to a process in which a child, through activity and concentration, achieves a harmonious alignment of their mental and physical energies, propelling them along a healthy and natural path of development. This state is attained when obstacles are eliminated from the child's environment, granting them the freedom to immerse themselves in activities guided by their own interests and at their preferred pace. Normalization is achieved through a specific set of conditions, which involve a piece of work that is freely chosen by the child, done by the hands, with real objects, and accompanied by mental concentration. The essence of normalization lies in the consolidation of a child's scattered energies, leading to the emergence of self-discipline, autonomy in selecting and engaging in activities, and the ability to transition from one activity to another seamlessly. Analogous to a return to a state of well-being, normalization unveils the child's authentic nature, which may have remained concealed. This vital process is fundamental to a child's development and lays the groundwork for their continued learning and character formation.